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BIMcert Handbook: Basic Knowledge openBIM

By 22. 3. 2023No Comments

Prologue to the second editon 2023
Two years have passed since the frst editon of the BIMcert Handbook. A lot has happened in that tme. We received a lot of positve feedback on the frst editon. For many, it has probably become an important textbook and reference work.

he correctons and requests for additons have been benefcial. In additon, there have been some excitng new and further developments from the internatonal buildingSMART community during this tme. We wanted to include these in our book in the usual high quality. Therefore, we decided to invite guest authors in additon to our own extensions. We are delighted to have contributons from Léon van Berlo and Simon Fischer (on IDS), Jan Morten Loës and Frédéric Grand (on bSDD), and Thomas Glätli (on UCM). These contributons add expertse on new and important topics to the book.

We thank the guest authors for their valuable text contributons and all readers for their feedback and suggestons. We would like to thank Alexander Gerger for the careful typesetng of the book and the excellent design of the fgures. Special thanks again to buildingSMART Austria, especially Alfred Waschl, for their support in producing this essental resource for BIM educaton.

Christoph Carl Eichler, Christan Schranz, Tina Krischmann, Harald Urban
Vienna, February 2023