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Vision and Mission


  • To support the Czech construction business community, public sector and the industry efforts to enable digital transformation based on open BIM principles.
  • To contribute to national and international open BIM and related standards, guidelines and practices in cooperation with bSI and other institutions and standardization bodies, including translation and localization.
  • To harmonize the activities of the various initiatives in related fields.
  • To facilitate the active use and dissemination of open data standards enabling infrastructure and building asset data and lifecycle processes.
  • To support international cooperation, collaboration and sharing of knowledge among members.
  • To support bSCZ members in their digital transformation efforts based on open BIM best practices and networking with experts.
  • To provide education, training and certification services in order to support open BIM awareness.

The Czech BIM Council has an existing substantial membership base consisting of corporate and private organizations, as well as public, non-profit or academic and research institutions, within all areas of construction industry including Architecture, Design, Engineering, Construction and Operations, Software vendors, Consultants, etc.
The Czech BIM Council as a professional Non-governmental Non-profit organization brings together experts from private and public companies and academia, actively participates in open BIM deployment and implementation plans, either by creating documents and assessments, participating in official working groups with the contribution of best practices, providing education and training, organizing seminars and conferences, or developing open data standards.
The Czech BIM Council is an independent platform for the popularization, promotion, standardization and development of open BIM in the Czech Republic. The association protects and promotes the interests not only of its members, but of the entire private sector, ensures that the implementation of BIM in the Czech Republic is transparent and that experience and needs from real practice are considered.
The Czech BIM Council has international reach via cooperation with BIM associations in Central Europe as well as broader involvement participating in international events or inviting experts from other countries to the local events.
The Czech BIM Council (czBIM) aims to continuously increase the quality, productivity and efficiency of the Czech construction industry through the digitization of all processes of preparation, permitting, implementation, administration and maintenance of buildings and other constructions using a simple, accessible and transparent environment.

czBIM mission is:

  • To continuously develop effective digitization of processes in the field of construction in all phases of preparation, permitting, implementation, administration and maintenance ot buildings and other constructions in the Czech Republic
  • To create methodologies and standards necessary for practice, especially in the interest ot the members ot the association
  • To promote the interests ot the members of the association towards the public administration and other professional and  expert organizations
  • To promote the members ot the association and popularize BIM
  • To educate and train the protessional public
  • To cooperate with Secondary Schools, Universities, and other protessional organizations
  • To cooperate with international organizations and use the experience gained for the development of digitization in the Czech Republic. To bring new trends to the Czech Republic